Desktop Release (01-13-2022) Win v.7104 / Mac v.7223

Hi Odrive Community,

We’ve got a desktop release with some improvements available. Quite a few items are things that forum members and folks contacting us through our support email ( have requested. Thanks for continuing to provide your feedback and suggest things we can add to make Odrive more valuable for you.

Win v.7104 / Mac v.7223:

  • Increase recursive sync robustness (allows for more attempts when there are any remaining items that may have been missed/stopped).
  • Integration fixes and improvements:
    • Slack: fix bug in name collision handling
    • Amazon Photos/Drive: Add CR3 “free” upload ability so CR3 files won’t count against your quota
  • Additional advanced configuration settings:
    • autoEmptyTrashIntervalMins (Premium) - set any value rather than picking one of the precanned menu options
    • autoUnsyncThresholdHours (Premium) - set any value rather than picking one of the precanned menu options
    • osTrashOverride - allows bypassing OS trash whenever the app needs to trigger a delete of a file on your local computer
  • Mac client: Minor look-and-feel adjustments
    • Adjust alert window sizing
    • Lighten the “dark” tray icon (it can be hard to see in some configs)
  • CLI: Add ability to create share link from CLI using the new "sharelink " command
  • Autoupdate, Logging, and other operational adjustments

The installers are available here for you to grab early if you need these items before they eventually make it to our autoupdate mechanism. Let us know what you think!

Warm regards,

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