Desktop client version update notification

Hi - it would be helpful for the desktop client to provide some notification (maybe optional) when the version of the client is updated. A link to release notes would also be helpful.



An notification in the computer would be nice! About the release notes, they always say what is in a new version in a forum post.

I agree. A notification and release notes would be appreciated.

Release notes are always posted here:

You can utilize the rss feature for it, as well:

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Yes - I understand that information is in the forum posts & the RSS feed.
But I don’t usually have those things open. I would like to be able quickly to see if (a) the oDrive client has been updated on my local machine (since it updates silently, there’s otherwise no way of knowing) and (b) if so, to at least have a link to the release notes for that version - mainly for convenience so I can quickly check what the updates are.

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I suspect odrive needs to rethink the overall info display. Only so much can be shown in a context menu. Adding dialogs or windows should wait until they replace fixed window sizing and hard-coded layouts in Qt with dynamic values scaled based on screen size and resolution. Otherwise, Windows users with modern laptops are out of luck reading anything.

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It would be nice if it would use Windows 10’s “Notifications” feature for this.