Desktop client for Linux (desktop UI for CLI)

Are there plans to have a desktop client for Linux?

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Any updates regarding this question? I have been using Insync, and my experience with the sync client has been horrible.

Would like to have Odrive GUI Client for Unix systems.


Financially, I do imagine, and I am not a finances person, having, and finally, a working Linux / Unix sync system with assuring GUI would be something much profitable. I do not mind paying for another license for Odrive Linux GUI. My habits with Desktops requires having my folders always in sync between multiple devices and platforms.

Like some here, we had enough of Windows, and we would like to use Unix as a main OS for everything. The promise that encouraged me for an exodus to Linux OS was Insync, , and Insync worked perfect for not large quantities of files syncing, like on my laptop. However, wasn’t successful in syncing Desktop items to my hard drivers.

Pretty much there is only one vendor in the market that has what we are looking for with Linux systems, Insync.


Hi @aritus77,
This is something we’d like to provide at some point, but it is not on the current development roadmap for us.
I definitely understand the use case and can appreciate the need for this on Linux desktops.