Desktop classified as restricted content by Dropbox

Just got the following error. Didn’t use to have problems with this.

Can’t sync Desktop.
This file has been classified as restricted content by Dropbox and cannot be downloaded.

Can this be fixed, or is it some new Dropbox behavior that I’ll have to fix with symlinks?

Hi @allen,
This generally indicates that a file you are trying to download has been flagged by Dropbox and they are not allowing us to download it.

Can you check the Sync activity log when you hit this? (Go to the top of the odrive tray menu under “Ready to sync new changes/Syncing changes” and click on Open sync activity log). It should show which file is hitting this error.

Thanks. That found it for me (there was a file created by an app with a backslash as one of the characters).

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Hey @allen,
Thanks for the follow-up. That’s the first time I’ve heard of Dropbox blocking a download because of a backslash. If you get a chance, can you copy and paste the error for that file? I just want to make sure our handling is correct there.