Desktop and Web Releases (11-23-2020) Win v.6785 / Mac v.6887

Hi odrive community,

There is another desktop sync app build available today with a handful of fixes. We also pushed out a small web release with some important user notification system emails.

Web Release:

  • Send user an email notification with some more information when their 7-day premium trial expires.
  • Send a non-premium user an email warning when a weblink they’ve shared has reached its 100 visit limit.

Win v.6785 / Mac v.6887:

  • Memory management improvements and safeguards.
  • Error handling for OneDrive and OneDrive for Business file name too long.
  • Handle local filesystem errors on Backup job scan.

You can grab the builds here if you’d like to get it before the next autoupdate push.

We also have been working on our documentation lately, including making the top-level Usage Guide more digestible and focused on a good initial experience with odrive.

Let us know if you have feedback on the product or the documentation or anything else.


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