Desktop and Web Releases (11-08-2016): Changes to the "Sync to odrive" feature!

We’ve released some changes to the right-click Sync to odrive Premium feature in order to simplify it and make it less confusing. (And to make it less frustrating when you accidentally choose the wrong folder).

When you select a destination folder on the web browser picker, we will create a new folder in that destination folder with the same name as the folder you’re trying to use Sync to odrive with. If the destination folder already contains a subfolder with a matching name (or if the destination folder itself has the same name), we won’t create a new subfolder–we’ll just use that existing folder.

For more information, please see our usage guide section which has been updated to reflect the new behavior.

The Desktop versions with these changes are Win v.6014 and Mac v.6073. This change has been pushed to the autoupdater as a minor/silent update, so you should be up to date soon.

Existing Sync to odrive configurations are not affected. The behavior change only affects creation of a new Sync to odrive relationship.

We hope this improves your experience with this Premium feature.