Desktop and Web Releases (10-13-2022) Win v.7192 / Mac v.7324

Hi Team Odrive,

We have a desktop release with more optimizations, improvements, and fixes. Details below.

Win v.7192 / Mac v.7324:

  • New MacOS embedded framework to support older Macs
  • Integration:
    • Canopy: new integration support for sync
    • Odrive Gateway: bug fixes
    • Amazon: raw image upload changes
  • Ignore blacklisted files when unsyncing (except files that start with ~)

Web and Server Release:

  • Integration fixes and improvements:
    • Canopy: new integration (linking storage and as a sign-in provider)
    • OAuth: support prompt during OAuth for sources that use it
    • Dropbox for Business: minor error handling changes and support modtime retention
    • Facebook: use video title instead of name
    • Google: Google access token checking improvements
    • Odrive Gateway: Bug fixes

Grab the installers for sync app from the download page, and let us know if you encounter any issues.


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