Desktop and Web Releases (08-21-2021) Win v.7032 / Mac v.7145

Hi odrive Users,

We have a new set of releases with some fixes and integration updates. Details below.

Web and Server Release:

  • Integration fixes, updates and maintenance.

Win v. 7032 / Mac v.7145:

  • Installer with autolaunch disabled: we have a special (Windows Only) installer which will not automatically launch odrive after installation. This enables IT administrators to perform unattended, scripted installs by running our installer with the /quiet command line parameter option. Please contact us at if you would like access to this installer.
  • Ability to detect already synced encrypted files (only available for sources where modtime is retained) to reduce unnecessary transfers.
  • License policy check adjustments.
  • Integration fixes, updates and maintenance.
  • Logging and other operational improvements

Grab the new desktop builds from the download page if you want to try them out before we send the changes to the autoupdater. Let us know if you run into any issues or have any questions. We’re here to help.