Desktop and Web Releases (07-01-2020) Win v. 6627 / Mac v.6721 (Placeholders with size)

Hi odrive users,

Here’s another release with the following improvements:

Win v.6627 / Mac v.6721

  • NEW! Our placeholder cloud files will show the size of the remote file even though they don’t take up any actual disk space.
    • You can right-click on a .cloud file to see its properties. You’ll see that the size reflects the size of the file in remote storage, but the size on disk will be 0 bytes.
    • This feature can also be disabled via a configuration option
  • WebDAV fixes

Web and Server Release:

  • Ability to apply a promo code to an existing billing account
  • Fix for an Org invite flow issue when the user needs to sign in
  • Security improvements
  • Minor bug fixes (WebDAV, OneDrive for Business)

Grab the desktop sync client build here if you want it try it out immediately before it hits our autoupdater.