Desktop and Web Releases (06-26-2023) Win v.7213 / Mac v.7353

Hi Odrive Community,

We have a couple of releases today with some various integration improvements and other adjustments.

Win v.7213 / Mac v.7353:

  • Integration improvements:
    • Google Cloud Storage: during linking, correctly determine if Google Cloud Storage link doesn’t have the right scopes.
    • Procore: tweak rate limit logging
    • Autodesk: fix to use name instead of displayName property, by default.
    • OD4B: correction for domains starting with “me”
  • Advanced config option to perform auto-unsync using “last accessed” time.
    • Set autoUnsyncUseAccess to true to enable.
  • Better handling of .eml and .nws files…
    • Ignore a local date modified change on only .eml and .nws if the size remains unchanged.
  • CLI: Added session expiration notification
  • Urgent notification warning if a CRC file error is encountered (generally indicates a failing hard drive)
  • Unsync: Logging to include more detail
  • Unsync: Change unsync interval to 4 hrs.
  • Other misc fixes for logging and messaging

Web and Server Release:

  • Adjusted Microsoft login button text to be more descriptive.
  • Integration changes:
    • Refine Autodesk and Dropbox token expiration during upload
    • Autodesk: change exception reason/message for token refreshed but previous fragment not uploaded
    • Autodesk: default to using name property instead of displayName
    • OD4B: correction for domains starting with “me”
    • Google OAuth scope handling changes (no longer request GCP scope automatically for a user and rely on the included scopes mechanism again)

The installers are available from the download page . Let us know if you encounter any issues or have feedback.