Desktop and Web Releases (04-06-2021) Win v.6929 / Mac v.7034

Hi again, odrive users!

Our release today has the following items…

Win v.6929 / Mac v.7034:

  • Filesystem error handling improvements when trying to download files or write placeholder files (FS999 error)
  • Logging improvements (e.g. when encountering a conflict)
  • Integration: WebDAV will account for timezone properly in date modified calculations (only for files with dates after 4-1-2021)
  • Integration: Unicode handling improvements
  • Encryption: Notify user if an Encryptor folder may be invalid
  • Operational improvement: existing sparse file optimization (with fallback to non-sparse file)

Web and Server Release:

  • Integration: general unicode handling improvements
  • Integration: Proper WebDAV timezone is maintained on upload
  • Integration: Fix Google Drive moves within shortcut parent
  • Integration: Procore allow retry when download url token has expired
  • Connection info unicode character handling improvements

To get the desktop release, you can go to our download page or wait for a couple of days for it to go to our autoupdater.

Warm regards,