Deleted within cloud + auto empty trash = folder gone on HDD?

I’ve uploaded a huge folder via Odrive to my Google Drive. I’ve logged into the Google Drive and moved this folder around, since I was preparing for a merge. I then noticed that the folder is gone from my HDD, and not recoverable, since I’ve put the trash to empty automatically.

I assume I have assumed wrongly that odrive will only echo the changes. It then synced what I did on the drive and thus deleted my folder locally, permanently. At least I can redownload it, but it’ll take some time, since the folder was 2 TB large.

Or is there anything I’m missing or doing wrong?

cheers & thanks

Hi @Robpollard,
odrive is a full bi-directional sync client, as opposed to traditional backup, so it will sync changes you’ve made on either side. This means it will mimic changes you make remotely on the local side and vice versa.

Moves can be tricky when performed on the remote side, depending on how they were done and what was happening. If you moved a remote folder into an area that odrive had not yet looked at (inside what equates to a placeholder folder locally) then the action will appear as a delete locally. I am guessing that it what happened here.

Apologies for the confusion.