Deleted files on one desktop are not reflected on web browser and on other desktops

Hi team,

We have found that new files and folders are syncing properly, but when files are deleted on a desktop, this change is not synced to odrive web browser or other computers. It is only when we delete a file/folder on the web browser that the corresponding file/folder is then deleted across various desktops. We started having this issue in the last week. Could you please assist?

Thank you in advance.

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Hi @Veronica.Chong,
As a safeguard against inadvertent deletes, odrive will retain all of the delete commands in the odrive trash until it is emptied. This means that the remote deletes will not be executed until the user explicitly clicks on the “Empty trash and sync all deletes” command in the odrive menu, or auto empty trash rules have been set.

Take a look at our documentation here for more information: