Delete files loop

We are having a problem whereby a message keeps appearing asking if we want to permanently delete a folder as it is too long for the recycle bin.

There are also a large number of items that are showing in the odrive trash. If I try to empty the trash, it seems to restore the items and says I do not have permission to access them. I’ve attached a screenshot.

Hi @wellington,
The message you are seeing of the path name being too long sounds like it could be due to a remote delete that odrive detected and is trying to sync locally. odrive will always try to put those items into the local OS recycle/trash bin, so a path too long error will pop-up if Windows is unable to accept the trash request.

Can you verify that you see this folder in your remote storage?

For the items in the odrive trash that are prompting a permissions error, can you reproduce the error message and provide a screenshot of it. Can you also send a diagnostic from the odrive tray menu after that?

Hi Tony,
Thanks for the quick reply. You’re right, the folder is not on the remote location (Google Drive). From looking at Google Drive, it appears to have been moved to another shared drive. Would I be able to simply delete it locally on the server?

I’ve attached a screenshot and sent the report.

Hi @wellington,
Yes, you can manually delete the folder if it is no longer on the remote storage and you do not need to keep it.

For the delete error, Google is returning “Insufficient permissions for this file”. The most common reason for this is that the file is shared with the user, so the current user is not the owner and is not allowed to delete the file.

Google hasn’t provided an API to remove shared files from a user’s Google Drive. Unfortunately this means that either the user needs to remove the files using the Google Drive web client, or the owner needs to delete them. I will see if we can improve this error so it is more clear what the likely issue is.

Hey Tony,
Thanks very much for the info. I have deleted the folder locally and it seems to have removed the message.

As for the trash, that’s fine, I will just leave them there. I just wanted to check that it was not causing the end user any issues.

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Great! Thanks for the update @wellington.