Delete files from desktop without sync

I have a free version of odrive right now. I would like to know the following -

I have all my files backed up on cloud. When I edit my photographs then I try to sync my folder. Example: 2015-07-13 Budapest.cloudf - Right click - open - I see all my photos in following file type *.cloud.

Once they are downloaded, I edit my pictures and then I want to remove the downloaded pictures as they are taking lot of space. So, I go to the same folder and delete all the files.

It frees up my memory, but i was worried it will delete it from the cloud as well. But, I think it puts all the deleted into odrive > trash. If I empty trash and sync, then only it will remove from cloud. Can someone confirm that? And, how can i make sure i am just removing the downloaded files from my machine to free up space and not accidentally remove it from cloud. Please help. I don’t want to loose all my photographs in cloud.

Hi @kool.sri,
You are correct. When you delete a file from the local system, odrive “holds” the remote delete in the “odrive trash”. This is a safety feature to ensure that you are not inadvertently deleting files. Since odrive is a fully bi-directional sync engine, it wants to make both sides “synchronized” so that they are the same. If you were to empty the “odrive trash”, those items would be deleted on the remote storage.

Our recommended method for clearing space on the local system is using the “unsync” feature. This is a Premium feature that is built precisely for what you want to do. (

If all of the items in the odrive trash are not items you want to delete on the remote storage, you should select “Restore all deletes” under “Trash bin” in the odrive tray menu. This will clear the “odrive trash”, so that nothing is deleted on the remote storage, and bring back those items as placeholders on your local machine.

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Thank you Tony for the prompt response. I really appreciate the answer. I really like odrive, it is amazing. I am still evaluating as I don’t use it all the time, but only to download a large folder for my photo edits. But, I might consider the premium version if I get stuck. Thank you again for solving my problem with the option "Restore all deletes” under “Trash bin”. I didn’t think it will free up space, and still keep the original in cloud.

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No problem @kool.sri!