Delay in syncing new files

I don’t understand why this software is so unreliable? Is there something I am doing wrong? Sometimes files sync and then all of a sudden it refuses to sync unless you restart the app and even then it takes ages to start syncing again. It’s very frustrating and I’m getting to the point of thinking of returning to manual upload. This is over SFTP by the way. Does that make a difference? What can cause it to behave this way? I have found this over wired connections. Wifi connections. VPN/No VPN. 4G, Slow and fast cable internet connections, anything really. Are other people experiencing this? I have been using odrive for quite a while now so I’m not just a newbie complaining. I genuinely want to like this software but it really makes it hard.

Hi @stephen.sandison,
I’m sorry you are running into issues. We want odrive to be as reliable as possible.

I would like to get to the bottom of why you are seeing these issues. Can you provide some additional information when you get a chance?

  • Are you seeing any errors when this happens?
  • Is this for uploads, downloads, or both?
  • The next time this happens, can you send a diagnostic from the odrive tray menu and then let me know what behavior you are seeing? We can analyze the logs and try to address any issues you are running into.

Hi @Tony,

I will do my best certainly. I’m just using odrive for uploads currently. I’m not using downloads. I probably should have explained my usage better. I am using odrive to sync files from my local machine (imac - mac os mojave) to a number of remote web servers. I work on the files locally in Visual Studio code and the idea is that they then sync to my dev servers via SFTP. The dev servers are running on ubuntu and are provisioned using runcloud if that makes any difference. I don’t see any errors it just seems to stop syncing and either I have to wait a while and eventually it will sync or I restart the app and see if that works. I shall get a log the next time it happens.

Just to clarify I’m only syncing to one server at a time. I just have sites spread across a few different servers.

Thanks @stephen.sandison!
Having to wait a while and then it starts syncing again is interesting. That could indicate that odrive is not seeing the local change immediately using filesystem events, but picks it up later during the periodic local scan. I would be curious if a right-click->refresh on the folder that contains the new data triggers an immediate upload, as well.

Are the odrive folders on a local hard drive or an external drive?