Delay in files appearing in File Explorer

There is a long delay in new files appearing in folders as well as a long delay in existing files being updated in folders. also hitting odrive refresh on the parent folder does not force the refresh. it seems the only solution is to go into each folder and wait for the files to update. this is a super painful process to deal with, i have to assume this is not how the software should be working

Hi @icamhi,
odrive will immediately refresh a folder when you browse into it in Windows Explorer or MacOS Finder. This provides the level of responsiveness that most users need as they are browsing around and interacting with files.

It sounds like you are talking about background remote to local reflection of items, where there are updates to remote locations and it is taking a while for them to appear on the local machine without any user action involved - is that correct?

Our latest version actually includes a brand new feature for Procore storage that provide much faster background remote to local reflection (within 10 minutes), whereas it could take hours before.

The general challenge here is the client knowing about the remote changes. Before, without relying on user activity, it would require a background scan to walk the entirety of your locally synced structure to see if there were remote changes. This can be a very expensive operation, so it is done infrequently. After working with Procore, we were able to find a solution to this that speeds this up tremendously.

To install the latest version:

  1. Exit odrive from the odrive tray menu
  2. Download the latest version from here.
  3. Install

I am curious about your use case for background remote reflection. Would you be able to share what your flow looks like, where you need to have items downloaded in the background vs having them update as you are browsing to the file locations? For example, are you working with projects where there are several changing dependency files distributed throughout a larger folder structure, but the locations of those items are not necessarily browsed to?