Degoo Support in the future?

Weary of Google taking away my Unlimited Storage for my business account next June,
I just signed up for a lifetime 15 TB storage at Degoo for $90.

I’m hoping odrive will support this cloud storage service in the near future.

Degoo is not a typical cloud service provider so adding odrive support may not be possible. Degoo is a cold storage backup provider with 3-5 hour retrieval time for files stored on their Amazon back end storage system. Additionally, they do not provide any APIs for access to files. Once a request is submitted to retrieve a file and it becomes available, there is a finite time the file remains on their system for download It use to be 24 hours, but I am told that is now 5 days, but my last retrieval was only available for download for 24 hours.

Additionally, Degoo has removed their computer agent download, so to “backup” files requires using their web interface and drag and drop a file or folder at a time. I have been with Degoo for a few years and still have the old client backup software on my system, but since client updates are by direct pushes from Degoo, I don’t have the client installation file. Backups have become very slow over the last few months, so beware.

I also have unlimited business storage on Google but researching last week I could not find a date when the unlimited would be taken away. In your post you referenced this may happen next June, do you have any info where this date may have originated?

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Thanks. Looks like I made a bad service purchase.