Data not deleted from Google Cloud Storage (in Enhanced mode)

When deleting a folder full of files from the desktop, the data remains in Google Cloud Storage, costing you money.

To reproduce (on OSX 10.10.5):

  • Link your account to Google Cloud Storage in Enhanced FS mode
  • On the desktop, create a folder in Google Cloud Storage called test/
  • Add files in test/
  • Let syncing finish
  • Look at your Google Cloud Storage dashboard and verify that a folder was created there that contains your files. The filenames are not human-readable but the file sizes and types will match your files.
  • Now delete test/ on the desktop, empty your system trash, and tell Odrive to empty its trash.
  • On the GCS dashboard, the folder and files are still there.

Odrive really believes they’re gone – unsyncing and resyncing the folder won’t bring them back – but they are still costing you money on GCS.

Deleting individual files will actually remove their data from GCS, but deleting a whole folder full of files won’t remove the data from GCS.

It works as expected when using “Simple ‘/’ Delimited” mode.

Thanks for your report!

We originally planned to make delete “cleanup/finalization” an asynchronous background/side process for performance and undelete functionality. But the plans changed and we missed adding back normal recursive delete. Engineering is working on the fix. We should have an update soon.

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Same happens on Windows! I just posted. I should have read this first!

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Actually @mattgyveryours is probably something else. I will post in your thread.

Yep, already got a reply. Never noticed the Trash menu in the oDrive context menu. :pensive:
Already syncing some test files, just to make sure. Thanks!

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@trashrabbit Our latest release (Windows v4909 / Mac v4952) fixes this issue. It hasn’t been pushed to autoupdater yet, so you can grab it from if you want to get it early. The problem was exactly as Peter described earlier… we just needed to perform that finalization step. Thanks for reporting the issue, and let us know if the fix doesn’t address your problem.