Custom Branding - Can odrive support Custom Domain Name


Jun-28-2016 Tue, 07:00 AM
When I create a share link, I get the below mentioned

For my client project, I would like to have
https://www.[CUSTOM DOMAIN].com/s/caf342c2-51d2-4f8f-bc8a-60231f408f80-5771d326

Kindly help with your response. Thanks.


Custom branding is something we have on our long-term roadmap. Thanks for reaching out!

P.S. I removed your phone number above since I’m not sure you want that out in this public setting.



This would be awesome for odrive business users.


Since june 2016, how is this going? Any deadlines?



We are nearing initial preview/beta for the next generation platform. We don’t have any delivery goals for branding, currently, but it is still something that is currently on the roadmap for the next generation stuff.