Custom auto download limit per link

I think it would be useful if the auto download limit could be set per link (or even by folder).

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Thanks for the suggestion. This has been discussed, but there are complexities to how this would be presented to a user and managed without being really confusing.

What about keeping the current setup and adding a “Custom” option which would open a list with two-columns: the link (or folder) and its auto download limit setting?

I believe eventually you’ll need to add more per-link settings (e.g. the theoretical ‘bypass trash’ option), so this (the UI) is probably something that needs to be solved generally anyway,

Agree 100%. Kind of a deal-breaker for me at the moment. I love the idea of combining all these services through one app, but people use different services in different ways. I basically need all my Dropbox files downloaded all the time. But for Box and Google Drive, I’d be thrilled with placeholders - I use those services much less frequently.