Create subfolder with already-synced files -> odrive reuploading them unnecessarily

A large folder on my local storage has finished syncing to the cloud with odrive. I took some files from that folder and moved them to a new subfolder.

All the files already exist in the cloud because they’ve already been synced, the only change is that some of them have now been moved to the subfolder.

odrive is uploading that subfolder at the moment as if it’s new - and I guess when that’s done it will delete the files that I moved into it.

Is there no way that odrive can keep track of the fact that these files have already successfully synced, and the only change that’s needed is to put some of them in the new subfolder?

Is this feature possibly coming in the new platform update that’s on the way?

Hi @mustgroove,
odrive tries to apply a move “optimization” to make sure that it can just move things across. This can be missed, however, depending on how the “new” content (the files you placed in the new folder) were found. This is something we are improving.

The storage source can also make a difference in this. What storage was this against?

@Tony - Amazon Cloud Drive… is there anything I can do on my end to trigger the “optimization” more readily?

Hi @mustgroove,
Do you have any auto-trash rules set, or are files that are picked up as deletes held in the trash until you manually empty it? Was wondering since you said:

Trashing is set to manual… so what happened with this folder was:

  • the initial folder upload/sync completed
  • I moved some of the files to a new subfolder on my local drive
  • odrive uploaded/synced the newly-created subfolder afresh
  • the files that had been moved to the subfolder showed up as trashed items from the parent folder, for me to manually empty

That’s what I was predicting in that post…

It seems like “move” is picked up as “delete” --> “add” rather than “move”.

What happens if you exit the odrive app, move files to new location and re-launch the app again, do you still experiences the same problem against Amazon Cloud Drive storage?

I believe, there shouldn’t be any need of re-upload in move case but there are some cases that may lead to re-upload of files unfortunately.

@AsifNisarr - yes it seems this is basically how odrive treated it.

I’ll do a quick experiment with quitting the odrive app & trying some things, will report back

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Did some testing, there is a way to trigger this behaviour reliably (on Mac at least):

  • Open a folder that is synced to odrive
  • Select multiple files
  • Right-click and choose “New Folder with Selection (X items)”
  • The new subfolder that is created will re-sync to odrive afresh, even though all the selected files are already synced
  • odrive will also “trash” the files in their previous location

However, if you do things as below instead, everything works as planned (odrive doesn’t re-sync the files afresh because it can tell they’ve already been synced):

  • Open a folder that is synced to odrive
  • Create a new subfolder manually
  • Select multiple files and move them to the new subfolder

Is there a way to get odrive to also handle the “New Folder with Selection (X items)” functionality without issue?

Hi @mustgroove,
Thanks for reporting this. I have confirmed that this is the case and we will make it a point to test against this scenario in the new stuff we are working on. Right now, I can’t find a way to avoid the re-upload in this particular case so, when moving, it is best to not use “New folder with selection” if you can help it.

@Tony - cool thanks, hopefully the new update has the ability to handle this scenario

On that subject - is it gonna be possible to reset the trial period when the new update does get released? My trial just expired over the weekend, and considering the issues I’ve had with my particular use case, I’d be keen to just stay on the free tier and try again when the new update is released.

I believe it will be possible to start a new trial on the new stuff, although I can’t say with 100% certainty.