CPU impact on sync times

My current sync server is an old 6950x and I was curious what kind of impact an upgrade would have on sync times and file handling. If I moved the client and setup over to a amd 5950x what kind of shift could I expect.

I should say that I have a gigabit internet connection as well.

This sorta was spurred by me noticing the client running on the 6950x is 32bit. I am unsure if that is standard issue and if a 64 bit windows desktop client is even out there or would even matter for performance. I am keeping this thing small and don’t have time to dive into the CLI client.

Hi @conor,
I don’t think it should have much of an impact.

Are you currently seeing lower performance than expected? If so, how is it manifesting and does it correspond to high CPU?

I am syncing folders sometimes with thousands of files in them and it just takes longer than I would expect for the total file size, though I understand many small files is not ideal for sync.

I am constantly looking for better solution for my setup but I still find myself making do. I am currently moving some large project folders from one account to another.

I am also seeing folders get checked blue and synced but still have unsynced .cloud files inside them. I don’t know if the blue check means the folder structure is synced or all files inside are synced.

Hi @conor,
With Premium you are able to tweak some of the advanced settings. This post goes over some of that: Recommended "premium_conf.txt" settings for gigabit connection? - #4 by Tony

Api rate limiting can become a concern as you push these settings up, though, so care needs to be taken or else you can end up making the situation worse.

A blue checkmark basically means that there is nothing actively syncing or that needs to be uploaded. It doesn’t indicate anything about the downloaded items since having some items synced and some items as placeholders is a perfectly valid “synced” state, as far as odrive is concerned.

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