Could It Mean That Odrive Can't Delete a Large Folder/File from Amazon Cloud Drive?

Hello @Odrive,

Recently I was trying to clean-up my Amazon Cloud Drive of duplicated Folders and Files. After figuring out a way to pinpoint those duplicates I need to delete from my computer, and then deleted them; I observed that after clicking the “Empty Trash and Sync all Deletes,” 4 very big size folders couldn’t get deleted till now after a very long time while small size files had been deleted easily.

I had received a number of times, messages prompting me to allow Odrive to access Amazon Cloud Drive or one of the 4 big size folders, and which I had allowed as soon as I saw those messages.

Even though I am now planing to go and delete those 4 big size folders directly from Amazon Cloud Drive, however, I am just making this post to create awareness about this in case my thought of the possibility of Odrive not being able to delete very big size folders/files from Amazon Cloud Drive is possible, or there is something else wrong with Amazon server.


Hi @awoobforknowledge,
The routine for sending files to the remote Amazon trash is very heavy for folders.

We had to change our method a while ago when we discovered that deleting folders objects via their API causes the files inside the deleted folders to be “orphaned”, once Amazon does its 30-day purge. Now, instead of just deleting the folders, we have to go through and delete every item inside the folder, then delete the folder.

This can be deceiving when emptying the odrive trash since there could be thousands and thousands of files inside the single folder listed. It should eventually finish, unless it hits some errors along the way.

Can you explain what this message was? I don’t expect a message prompting for access, so I’m not sure what this is.

Now understood.

As for the message, actually I was thinking of receiving another one before sending my message so that I can make a screenshot, however, I said let me just send what I want to send once and for all; not knowing that my descriptions of the messages may still not be understood.

What I think I can do is wait for another one , if it will still appear, so that I can send its screenshot.

All I can say is that the prompted messages asked to allow Odrive to access the top folder of the four big size folder, and after clicking a blue button, it took me to a web page with two buttons (I think one is light blue and the other is pink, I think) of which I clicked the allow (pink). After that, it took me to the following page:


The light blue and the pink colours I said earlier were mistaken, they were whitish and brownish colours.

The folder name shown above is another folder of the 4 folders, different from the one I was asking authorization for earlier.

Thanks @awoobforknowledge!

This is a message that indicates that the storage needs to be reauthorized. It is possible that this is an error from Amazon that is being misinterpreted, though. Can you send a diagnostic from the odrive menu so I can take a closer look?

Just sent the diagnostic.

Thanks @awoobforknowledge.

Amazon is definitely producing several errors. Mostly when attempting the bulk trashing of the large folders. I will see what we can do to try to better compensate for this.

In the meantime, it may be faster to delete these particular folders from the Amazon web client, if you want to give that a shot.

Hi @awoobforknowledge,
We released a new version today with improved trash behavior:

@Tony, Ah! Really appreciate. THANKS SO MUCH for the update!

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