Copying unsynced files to another drive

I’d like to copy my smaller internal hard drive (with all the contents synced and unsynced) to a new larger external drive (where everything is synced). I cannot sync all my files on my internal drive; otherwise, I will run into an out of memory error.

I have thought about this and do not know the best way. I am considering backing up everything and restoring to the new drive. This is time-consuming, requires extra storage, and is somewhat costly. Is there a better way?

I would backup with odrive software.

Hi @brendhangivens,
We don’t officially support moving the default odrive folder to an external drive (performance issues).

You can use the “sync to odrive” feature to map your linked storage folders to matching folders on your external drive, though.

Setting up a sync relationship on your external drive using “sync to odrive” would be the simplest way to get you going with the external drive, and then you can just sync the data down. Copying the data over from another drive is more complicated. Are you wanting to copy the data over to save having to download it again?

I read the “sync to odrive” feature. I know how to sync and unsync files. I have used this since I got premium.
I don’t know how to map my linked storage folders to matching folders on my external drive. If I could do this, this might very well work. When I link and sync a folder, it syncs to the cloud. It does not sync to the external drive. It is not clear how to go from A to B.

Hi @brendhangivens,
This is what “sync to odrive” will do.

For example:
This example assumes that Google Drive is linked and it is named “Google Drive” in odrive.

  1. Create a new, empty folder on your external drive named “Google Drive” **
  2. Right-click on the folder and select “sync to odrive”
  3. A browser window will come up asking you to choose the remote destination
  4. Navigate into the “Google Drive” link folder and then click “Okay”

This will create a sync relationship between the “Google Drive” folder on your external drive and the “Google Drive” linked storage folder.

**Make sure the local folder name and the remote folder name match, exactly.

Hi Tony,

I am trying to something different from what you understand. I have an internal hard drive. This internal hard drive is inside my computer. It is a small hard drive, about a 1 TB. I have synced and unsynced files on my internal hard drive. I want to make a copy to my external hard drive. My external hard drive is right next to my computer. It is a large drive, about 18TB. The difficulty I see is that I cannot just copy and paste, as I understand. I cannot do this because folders are linked. This copy and paste would break the links and my unsynced files. These are files in the cloud on Wasabi are not copied over. My goal is to copy my internal drive D to my external drive E and have all files on E including ones that are unsynced from D and in the cloud.

I cannot sync all files in D and copy it over because D is too small to hold all the synced files.

I hope I have made it more clear.

Hi @brendhangivens,
Okay, so it sounds like the additional step you want to take is to copy over the data from the internal drive to the external drive. In that case we would add:

  1. Go to the “Google Drive” folder on the internal drive and copy all of the contents into the “Google Drive” folder on the external drive.

The top-level files and folders should all be the same, since these are essentially the same folders, pointing to the same remote location. Your copied files from the internal drive will replace the corresponding files on the external drive. Any synced files from the internal drive will replace the placeholder files on the external drive, once odrive starts indexing and scanning. This process may take a while, since odrive needs to look at all of the local and remote files and determine what is already “synced”.