Copy google files from GoogleDriveA to GoogleDriveB is not working

Hello Support

I created a google doc file on the GoogleDriveA of my company A.
Then it appears on my Windows odrive folder.
Then I want to copy (or move) this google doc file from GoogleDriveA odrive folder to GoogleDriveB odrive folder of my other Company B from within Windows.
The files does not synchronise with my GoogleDriveB.

I suppose that it is a question/problem of rights.
I read that this was possible with DropBox, but it is not possible with odrive program.

Dear odrive developers,
It could be very convenient to copy google files format from one odrive to an other odrive without using the google share feature from google drive. I think it should be possible for you to allow the copy/move of those google files format from GoogleDriveA to GoogleDriveB from within windows (may be by using the sharing feature? or changing the ownership of the file?).
Thanking you for you support.

Hi @phm,
You can copy “normal” files from one Google account to another, once they are synced to your local system, but you cannot do this with Google Doc-type files. Google Docs are not like normal files, and the content only exists in Google’s storage. There isn’t a way for odrive to be able to copy of move this content, unfortunately.

Hi Tony,
I understand the google file format is a particular file format. The file is somehow spread over google storage and is rebuilt on demand when accessing it.
But “programatically” speaking I think it could be possible when doing copy/paste of google file format when odrive is installed, that odrive takes in account the problem by sharing the file from account A with account B + move the file at the correct position from account B “shared with me” location towards the account B paste location. That’s easily done by hand … could be easy to do it with a program.
It is a suggestion, an idea, that could give odrive an additional feature.

Hi @phm,
It is an interesting idea. It could be possible to simulate copying by creating file shares. Unfortunately I think there is risk of confusion and possibly unintended data loss if users thought that the data was actually copied, rather than just linked.

Way to think outside the box, though :slight_smile: