Converting .cloud to actual files and Unable to Download file

Hi All,

I am using the CLI on Ubuntu and am running into two problems/questions:

Firstly how do I convert files to actually have the correct extension rather than .cloud? I want the files to actually be 2 way synced on the cloud and locally.

My second is around the sync process I am getting the following error for every single one of my files. Not sure if the 2 are related but any help would be appreciated.

Hi @sincore,
It looks like the two are related. We have a “safety” check to determine if the local file is older than the remote file to prevent accidental overwrites (the vast majority of the time you so not want to overwrite new data with older data).

In this case this is a bug because we should not be performing this comparison on a placeholder file. I’ll try to generate a test build today to fix this and you can try it out.

In the meantime there is an advanced config setting that will disable this check, if you want to bypass it, for now.

You will want to open the ~/.odrive-agent/ odrive_user_general_conf.txt and change the allowOldDownload parameter from false to true. More on that here:

Hi @sincore,

Here is the build that addresses this issue:

Thnks how would I install this on ubuntu? I used the instructions on the site to install originally via CLI. Do you have the command to overwrite and replace with this new build?

Also, the file that you uploaded is Odriveagent not drive the command I am running is below:

I replaced the file with the one you gave me and still got the error after running the command:

Hi @sincore,
The odriveagent binary is the sync engine, so you will want to replace the existing one. That should be in ~/.odrive-agent/bin.

odrive is just the CLI (client) binary.

This did not seem to work. Now when I run the command it just hangs I let it go for a few hours but there is no output so I don’t think it actually did anything.


P.s. it does the same thing with just 1 file Just hangs forever:

Thanks for reporting this @sincore. I will investigate and see what the issue is.

Hi @sincore,
I re-tested on a Linux box, but I am not seeing the same issue. To make sure we are working with the correct binaries let’s do the following:

  1. Kill any running odrive processes (odrive or odriveagent). We don’t want to have any existing odrive processes running.
  2. Download the two archives here:
  3. These two archives have the odrive CLI (odrive binary) and the odrive agent (odriveagent).
  4. rm the existing odrive and odriveagent binaries in ~/.odrive-agent/bin
  5. Copy the new binaries into the ~/.odrive-agent/bin directory.
  6. Run odriveagent in the foreground (`~/.odrive-agent/bin/odriveagent). This process will continue to run, so it won’t return. That is okay. Leave it running.
  7. Open up a new terminal window and then run ~/.odrive-agent/bin/odrive status. You should see that you are running odriveagent version “prod 1001”
  8. Now try the sync command and see if you still see the process hanging.

hi @Tony,
Yes this worked! thanks I didn’t replace both last time but it’s syncing now.

One other question Is there a way to have odrive auto sync when it detects changes? or do I need to run the sync every once in a while?

Hey @sincore,
Glad to hear you’ve got things working now!

odrive will detect local changes and automatically upload. It will detect remote changes, as well. The rate at which it can detect remote changes will vary depending on the storage service. For already synced files (not placeholders) any changes to that file will be automatically downloaded.

For new folders and files, the placeholders will be created, but they will not be synced automatically. You can periodically run a recursive sync to automatically expand and download these items, if you want. This could be done manually, or you could have a simple cron job that does it.

@Tony Got it perfect. I set up the agent and sync as 2 separate cron jobs so that should work perfectly.

Last question I promise!

How often does Odrive sync with services? IE if I upload new photos to amazon when will odrive see the new photos and pull them in so I can sync on my end?

Hi @sincore,

Keep in mind that the odriveagent binary runs continuously, so you may not need to run it as a cron job since it is likely already running and monitoring things.

On the agent, the sync engine will scan the local system for changes every 20 minutes, by default. This interval is adjustable via an advanced setting (more on that here:

For remote changes, odrive will periodically ask Amazon for changes every 30 minutes to know what has been changed on the remote side, including adding new files and folders. This used to be much more frequent, but Amazon has been steadily increasing their rate limits, so we’ve had to back off the frequency of this call.

You can always use the refresh CLI command on a specific path (this is not a recursive call) to look at both the local and remote sides immedaitely.