Convert Google docs to Word docs on download

I’ll put this out there as I have seen it on other sync apps - the ability to convert a downloaded Google Doc (which is actually a reference to a URL) into a fully fledged Word Doc on download. And visa versa on upload.

One situation I recently had was a heap of Google Docs in one account - and trying to move them to another account. Because they are URLs, you can’t just drag them over. The doc itself remains the property of the first account.

But using SyncDocs, I could convert them to full files on download. Drag them to another folder (aka Google Drive account) and they would upload and convert back to Google Docs.

This may be a simple implementation, as I think the option is built into Google Drive.

Implemented as an option and not on as default could be a nice additional feature? Or a right click on a Google Doc file and convert to “full word” option?

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Very clear use case. Thanks for the great suggestion.

One concern I would have is compatibility between transformations. Is preserving bi-directional compatibility a big priority or is the main benefit the ability to move Google doc files to other storage?

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