Context menu not showing

We are running Windows Server 2008 R2 and the context menu for oDrive seems to have disappeared. When right clicking on a folder there is no option to sync. The blue and pink icons for sync status are showing.

Hi @itadmin,
Can you try the following steps?

  • Exit odrive
  • Perform a repair install of the odrive desktop client (run the installer and choose repair)
  • Restart the computer

See if those steps help to resolve the issue.

Hi @Tony ,
Thanks for the steps. Could I please check that this will not ‘reset the sync’ and odrive will remember where it was in terms of syncing data?

Hi @itadmin,
A repair install will leave your data the way it is and just reinstall the application and components.

Ok thanks for the info. I will wait for the sync to finish and try restarting before doing the repair.

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