Constant re-authorization Requests - Microsoft OneDrive Account

I have three Microsoft OneDrive accounts that I have authorized via odrive. Trying to do the initial sync down from OneDrive to the client PC using the odrive Sync client. Sync stops before completion and asks for “authorization” … then does not re-start sync afterwards.

Ideally I would like 1) to not be prompted for authorization over and over again and 2) have the sync complete (3 relatively large OneDrive accounts 800GB+ each and lots of subfolders).

I am on odrive sync client " 6472".

Hi @awebb,
Are these personal OneDrive accounts or OneDrive for Business?

You should not be prompted for authorization very often, if at all, under normal circumstances, so what you are seeing is unexpected. You should only see a pop-up like this if the Microsoft-supplied refresh token has been revoked or expired. The refresh token should not expire for many days.

Are you seeing these authorization pop-ups for all three accounts?
Are you attempting to download all data, from each account, down to your local disk?
Are you performing this action on only one PC?

This happens every 2-3 hours. Sync’ing one onedrive account to one PC on it’s local (external USB) disk.

When the authorization prompt comes up and I “OK”, there is no prompt for credentials just an authorization successful message .

Will grab a capture (snip) of the prompt and confirmation when it next appears.

Thanks @awebb,
If you can send a diagnostic after this happens and direct message me the “current_odrive_status.txt” file that is subsequently created in the root of the odrive folder, I can take a closer look at the error that is triggering.
It sounds like it may be an intermittent error being encountered during your bulk processing that may be misinterpreted as a session error.

I get the same thing. I get a request for Onedrive reauthorisation about every 2 hours.

Hi @james,
I never received a response from the previous user, so do you think you could send a diagnostic the next time you see this pop-up?

There is a file named “current_odrive_status.txt” that is created in the root of the odrive folder. If you message me that file, I can take a closer look at the error that is triggering.

Hi @james and @awebb,
Can you try this build of the Windows client (let me know if either of you are seeing this on Mac too)? Removed link. See more recent build below

Once you hit the error again, please send a diagnostic and message me the “odrive_current_status.txt” file.

It is typical. Since posting this it has never done it again! It was doing it when I had a large amount of files uploading from an external drive to Onedrive. I’ll keep an eye on it.

No worries @james , just let me know if you hit it again. Thanks for the follow-up!

Hi @james and @awebb,
Here is another build to try to hopefully either better address the issue, or at least further narrow down what we can do to mitigate it.

If you hit the issue again, please message me the status file and I’ll dig into it:

Definitely seen a reduction in re-authorization messages … but, the file sync is moving at a snails pace.

This is despite no changes on my side and the “Set Bandwidth Throttling … Download” being set to unlimited.

I estimate the progress at less than 300Kbps and I have nearly 200GB yet to sync.

Any thoughts?

Hi @awebb,
Is it possible that the current files downloading are small?

You could try tweaking the advanced settings for maxConcurrentDownloads in the odrive_user_premium_conf.txt file that is in the root of the odrive folder. To change it, open that file, increase the maxConcurrentDownloads value, save the file, and restart odrive. If you increase that to 10 does it speed things up? Hopefully doing this won’t cause the re-auth to pop-up again.

Can you also send over another current_odrive_status.txt if you continue to see the same slowness after increasing that setting?