Connection parameters, permanently disable sync

I have two feature reuqests:

  • More connection parameters: Detailed limit up- and download speed, use of a proxy server and limit the number of parallel connections. My WebDav server has a limited numer of connections so my sync always fails :weary:

  • Disable auto sync permanently: I want to use odrive on my notebook. Everytime I disable auto sync to save my very limited mobile data and restart the computer, it starts syncing again. That is very inconvenient.

Thank you!


I was enthusiastic with odrive in the beginning, but now I am suffering with

  • too many huge uploads in parallel
  • upload loops for large files on Amazon cloud storage

So it looks as if I cannot use odrive at the moment.

I need urgent control over the maximum number of parallel uploads and the stop of cycling through not uploadable files.
If odrive would be intelligent, it could offer to split files that could not have uploaded e.g. 2 times or are above a specific limit (>2GB -> split into 100 MB chunks)