Connect to aws s3 bucket

I can’t seem to connect with my AWS s3 instance - “The S3 server could not validate these credentials.”

I can’t figure out what I am doing wrong. I have created a bucket on s3. I have created a user with [AmazonS3FullAccess] on IAM, and I have copied across the Access and secret key but the s3 server still cannot validate my credentials.

In the Host section of the set-up it states - Non AWS only? Does that mean is the correct format? Are there certain permissions that I have to set-up?

Can someone walk me through it - thank you!

Hi @ben.swiderski,
For S3 you will leave the HOST section empty since we do that piece for you during linking. That section is for only S3 compatible storage that is not on Amazon. Your settings should look something like this:

Here is another post where I walk through the whole process. You’ve already done pretty much all of this, but it may be helpful to reference: