Connect to 2nd laptop over local network using FTP Windows 10


I have 2 laptops. Both on Windows 10.

On the 1st laptop I have installed Odrive. I was thinking if it is possible to setup the in-built Windows 10 FTP server on the 2nd laptop and connect to this FTP server from the 1st laptop through Odrive in order to sync and unsync files as needed over a local network (there is no need to have external access through internet, only local).


You can sync to FTP sources, so this should work just fine.

When you initially link the FTP server, you will want to make sure you are using the local address in the configuration. The odrive link process will state that it can’t verify the connection (because it can’t connect), but you can confirm and continue anyway. After the link shows up on the 1st laptop, you should be able to navigate through and see the data on the 2nd laptop via the FTP connection.

wow… thats great to know. I just set it up and it works.

Many thanks. Now have access to my 2nd laptop for transferring and managing files through Odrive as central place. great.