Confused about the odrive local folder

I have noticed that the odrive installs automaticallly on the c drive. I did find where I can move it. However, I see that after I click on a file, it downloads the original file and thus starts filling up the local drive. IN my case… I have a folder 1, i then sync it to amazon drive with odrive, lets call it folder 2 (synced version of Folder 1). I’m confused about why it now appears to populate a THIRD location. This is not Folder 3 ( the locally synced version of folder 2 that was ont he cloud, which was synced from folder 1). Why doesn’t it just take me back to the original synced folder 1 when I click on the folder in the odrive?

I have the same issue, don’t know why odrive starts using up my local disk space. All I want is for it to upload to the cloud without using any addition disk space.

Further investigating shows that if I unsync the odrive folder, it will give me my storage back, while leaving the original folder to be continue backed up to the cloud. This is kinda annoying.

Killer 1589… that was another question I posted. I was a little shocked to find out that when I “unsync” a folder/file… it COMPLETELY disappeared from my original and local drive. I have been asking them about a “stop sync” function. You might want to keep an eye on my other post… they are graciously giving me some feedback.

Hi @jim.peterson.2,
Do you still have questions about this?

Unfortunately I am not following the 3 folders you are talking about. Maybe you can upload some screenshots allow me to better understand what each folder is?

The thread that @jim.peterson.2 mentioned may be of interest to you: