Conflicting Finder Extensions - oDrive and OneDrive


I’ve reposted your question from the odrive2 forums here:

I really do enjoy oDrive, but my organization doesn’t allow OneDrive for Business to be linked as a storage location in oDrive. However, this isn‚Äôt a problem for me as I use the oDrive sync client for all my personal files on Amazon, Google, and Dropbox; and then use the OneDrive sync client for my school/work files.

But, both sync apps have finder extensions and I‚Äôve found that the oDrive finder extension - when enabled -effectively “breaks” the OneDrive finder extension.

The only workaround for me at this point is disabling the oDrive finder extension. The new OneDrive “files on demand” settings are ONLY available in the right click context menu provided by their Finder extension.

Is there any way to help the extensions play nice with each other?

MacOS 10.14.2 (18C54)
oDrive1 Sync Client (prod 6497)
OneDrive Sync Client 18.240.1202.0004 (Standalone)

Thank you! I just realized that there were two separate support sites!

Hi @tripp.tuttle,
The MacOS Finder extensions framework has some quirks with multiple extensions being loaded/available within the same folder. A lot of times it comes down to the order Finder ends up loading the extension and, depending on what is loaded and in which order and when, you can end up with missing items from one or more extensions.

I was doing some testing today with the OneDrive and odrive extensions and I can see the issue you are seeing. Since odrive has the “sync to odrive” option, it ends up being enabled for all paths, so OneDrive paths will end up having both OneDrive and odrive loaded.

For workarounds, I have found that, once everything is loaded, you can “reload” finder to get both odrive and OneDrive options in the Finder. To reload Finder you can hold down the “option” button and right-click on the Finder icon in the Dock and select “Relaunch”. On reload you should see the context menu items for both extensions (at least it has been working that way in my testing). You may still be missing icon overlays, however, as those seem to be more sensitive than context menus.

Yes, I can confirm this behavior. On a new boot, it seems oDrive pushes out OneDrive, but re-launching the finder is allowing them to co-exist, albeit without the icon overlays, as you said.

Curious, Is there a way to disable specific paths for the oDrive extension? Like, specifically exclude it from my OneDrive folders.

There isn’t a way to do this right now, but I will raise it as a feature request to the product team.