Conflict with Stardock Fences

Just passing along a conflict I have noticed with the latest Windows version of odrive: There seems to be a conflict when the systems starts up between Stardock Fences and odrive. (Fences crashes.) If I disable odrive from starting, Fences loads correctly.

I also noticed I can start odrive manually (after Fences), but that Explorer is prone to crash and restart.

Note a huge issue, but wanted to pass it along.

Overall, I love what you guys are doing. Can’t wait for an Android app, so I can start using encryption.

Hi. Thanks for the report.

The behavior you are describing may be linked to a bug we have fixed, but are waiting for release on. This causes odrive to restart Explorer even when it doesn’t need to. It looks like Explorer is crashing and could cause some issue with apps that are running within Explorer.