(conflict) Files - Windows 10 - New user account

I recently installed a second user account on a windows 10 machine for work only. I’m using odrive to sync files but in the second user account I am constantly getting “conflict” files. The primary user account isn’t logged in. However, they are both syncing to the same place “D:” I’ve disabled auto-save for my Microsoft Office accounts as well as uninstalled OneDrive on this machine.

What could be causing this problem?

Hi @andrewbradleycarlson,
Having two independent engines, with their own tracking and placeholder files, sync to the same local folder is something I would advise against. It can cause unpredictable behavior. I believe that is what could be creating these conflict files.

Are you noticing that the conflicts are happening repeatedly on the same files while only logged in as a single user, or, as you alternate between the users are you seeing the conflicts show up on files that have been previously modified by the other (not logged in) user?

I’m still not sure when the “conflict” files are created. So far, there have been about 40 “conflict” files created. They range from .ppt files to .mp3s to documents. Although my most recently used documents are showing up with conflicts, some of the files I haven’t opened in months. I’m not seeing a pattern yet that would show the reason for the conflict files.

I’m only logged into one user at a time. How can I run this application with only one user account?

Do you have any thoughts?

Hi @andrewbradleycarlson,
Even if you are only running one account at a time, the engines will still be reacting to changes made by the other account’s engine. They will also be reacting to placeholders differences that are unexpected to the sync engine, since it wasn’t the one to make the change.

Can you tell me a bit about your use case. How are the two accounts being used and how do they relate to the shared local folder?

I’m primarily using it on my work account to backup documents or powerpoints as I make them. I don’t really need it on my home account. I only use it on my home account to backup music albums. Since my one drive folder is 150gb I don’t have enough space for two copies of files.

What do you suggest? I’m still getting conflict files even though I’m not running odrive on my home account at this time.

Hi @andrewbradleycarlson,
You mentioned that your folder is 150GB, but with odrive you can sync only what is needed, so you can use it on your work account to sync just the documents, leaving all of the media in the cloud and reduce the footprint for that account by a ton. This would allow you to keep the odrive folders separate between the accounts.

Is that an option?

Thanks for your response. My folder is 150gb when I AM only syncing what is needed. All of the files on onedrive combined is more than that. Any other ideas?

I see, so you need all 150GB accessible on both your work account and your home account on the same system?

Unfortunately I can’t really recommend anything beyond what I have already recommended. Having two separate instances of the sync engine use the same odrive folder is just not something we test or support.

Thanks for your help anyways. :slight_smile:

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