Computer crashed, reinstalled MacOS, odrive now shows only “no options available” in finder extension

We had a iMac Pro crash and when it came back up we were having problems with the keychain and seeing the network and odrive would crash on launch. We finally went to Restore and reinstalled MacOS Mojave. That seems to have put everything right but odrive. odrive stays open now, however unlike the other software on the computer odrive was singed out and all of the settings were gone after the os reinstall. We signed in to odrive with no issue using Google, it’s authorized, however we can’t sync any of the external folders. The finder extension only shows “no options available” everyone on the system. Any ideas? Thanks.

Hi @brenton,
Have you tried a full uninstall and reinstall yet? If not, take a look here for the one-liner to do this: How do I uninstall odrive?

@Tony thanks for the tip. We ended up wiping the whole system and starting over when we realized there were other issues with Finder beyond the odrive extension.

No problem @brenton! I’m glad you guys were able to resolve it.