Compression support for encrypted shares

I realize that all new feature requests start with a priority of -100. This is a nice-to-have request; I can’t promise it makes it into positive territory.

It would be helpful to have a compression option for encrypted shares. Since the file name gets mangled anyway, there are not compatibility issues. As an example, we have folder trees with easily compressible content (>3x reduction in file size) that often need to be shared at different locations. Not every site has the 3Gbps upload and download speeds we enjoy at the office. If a folder tree could be tagged as compressed, the content uploaded and downloaded from the cloud could be reduced.


Oh that is a good idea.

I’ll try not to have another too soon!

This idea is similar to using HashBackup, which backs up your data by deduplicating, compressing, and encrypting it before sending it offsite. It would be awesome if odrive could do the same thing.

I wouldn’t want it the default/only method as sometimes I do want to access the files in their native format (like on Google Drive) but being able to dedupe/compress/encrypt a directory or file, then transfer it to another site using odrive and a cloud storage would save me a lot of time and effort. I’m doing it now with a mix of HB and odrive and some custom scripts but if odrive did it all natively, wow!