Compress files/folders

I have unlimited storage, but find compressing pictures and videos useful, as I have a slow download/upload speed, and that many of my media file don’t need to be uncompressed. I know that they can be split up, but it’s not always enough.

Being able to selectively compress files or folders (I guess there wouldn’t be a way to reverse it) would he great.

Are you currently compressing videos and images?

Generally video and image formats don’t compress too well because they are (typically) already in a compressed format, Re-compressing doesn’t gain much storage benefit, and can sometimes be worse.

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Sometimes I do, via freemake video converter and I can see a big difference in size.

Ah, ok, I see. I thought it worked out well, given how useful Google Photos is.

Also, I guess it could use ffmpeg with some default format with choices of 720p/1080p.