*Complete* System Maintenance (Dropbox sign in / sign up temporarily disabled): Tuesday, 6/27 starting 8:00pm

We’re planning to do some system maintenance on Tuesday, 6/27 at 8:00pm Pacific Standard Time.

During that time, signing in and signing up with Dropbox will be disabled.

Most users will be unaffected by the system maintenance. If you use Dropbox to sign in and your desktop sync client has already been signed in, your client will continue to sync with dropbox properly. Likewise, if you have linked Dropbox storage on your account (regardless of which provider you use to sign in with), you should not see any disruption of service.

The temporary disablement only affects new users signing up or users who need to sign in again for whatever reason (e.g. deauthorizing your current user and then trying to switch your desktop client to use a Dropbox user).

The planned outage should last between 2 to 4 hours, and we will post updates here in case we need to adjust the outage window.

Thanks for your patience,
-The odrive team

Maintenance is still ongoing and will take longer than initially anticipated. New estimates bring us to around 6:00am PST for full completion. As stated above, this maintenance should continue to be non-disruptive for the vast majority of odrive users.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.

New update: Final leg underway, but took us longer than expected to get here. New estimate is ~11:00am PST, but we expect this one to stick.

Maintenance is complete. Thanks for your patience.