CloudF files won't open on Mac

Used oDrive few months back but removed it. Now giving it another shot and reinstalled the app. However, when I double click on a .cloudf file the “Unknown file prompt” comes up. I’ve chose oDrive as the application and selected “Always use this application”.

Now when I double click on a cloudf file, nothing happens.

The strange thing is when I right click on the file, and hover over open with, I get 2 oDrive options (1.0 and 0.0.0). When I select 1.0, it works, but 0.0.0 being the default does not.

  • Is there a way to swap the defaults here?
  • Should I be opening in something different?

I’ve tried re-installing (Removed all .odrive folders in home, library, and ~library) to no avail.


Hi @alek.mlynek,
Glad to hear you are trying odrive again. Let’s start by getting open usable.

If you right-click on a .cloud file, choose “Get Info”, and then go to the “Open with” section, can you choose odrive (1.0) and select “Change All”? You would also want to do this with a .cloudf file.

Feel silly for not thinking of using “Get Info”. Works great, thank you!

Thanks for getting back. Is everything working well now?

Yeah its working exactly as expected, thanks for your help.

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