Cloud Folders Should be Real Folders

Request: Folders should not be synced as .cloudf files - by default they should be real folders and real directories.

Reasoning: When trying to save a document to a folder in my odrive, I noticed the folder was absent. When I checked in Windows Explorer, it shows as a ‘cloudf’ file. I understand you’re using placeholder files to save disk space for your product, but this means those directories are inaccessible in a save as dialogue if the folder hasn’t synced yet. Directories by themselves don’t take up any meaningful space, and it seems like an oversight to have to open the folder before one is able to save to it.

Example Photo

This is an idea we are exploring for later versions, but you can facilitate this by issuing a recursive sync on the folder (and contained subfolders) you want to sync.

Please take a look here for more information:

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Ah sweet, thanks for the prompt reply. I’ll give that a shot and see how it goes. :3

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