Cloud extension

Dear Sirs,
I download your client to move the content of one of my free Google Drives to a paid one but how is supposed I can do it if you add a .cloud extension to every folder and file?
Is this because Im in a trial?
Sincerely this way your software is so useless that I uninstall it right away and all the available ones are billed (the free one, Open Drive, available on Git Hub is not allowed Google Login process; sincerely since I started using the net on the ´90 there´s nothing less available for free, except browsers, what a shame, and no more jobs available on the worldwide market; it´s ok, we all turn on in thieves, pirates, etc. you asked for it).
Furthermore it installs on C:\ having no options to install on other directory (the Program Files one, I.E., different than C./) in spite of the registry hack.
Truly yours.

Hi @documentos,
The .cloud extensions are placeholder files. They allow you to see everything available without needing to download it all to your desktop first.

If you want to move data from one account to another you will first need to download the items you wish to move.

For example:

  1. Right-click->sync on the folder you want to download:

  2. Then choose to download everything in that folder:

This is available in the free version of odrive.

More about syncing here: Sync Your odrive