Cloud Account folders not showing in Odrive Folder on Mac High Sierra 10.13.6

I have about 5 cloud accounts and when I installed 'odrive on my MacBook Pro, which has High Sierra 10.13.6 installed, only 1 of my cloud accounts has a folder.

How do I force the other ones to show up?

I mean, I can click manage cloud accounts and it takes me to my o-drive account online and I see all my cloud accounts, so I know I’m logged in/connected to the right account.

Any suggestions are appreciated.


Hi @rodzimguitar68,
It looks like you may have a couple of active accounts. Can you double-check that the information here: matches the information listed under “Authorized User” in in the odrive tray menu on the desktop? You will want to ensure that both the account type and the user e-mail are listed as the same in both places.