CLI support for setting sync settings (sizes, include subfolders)

Is there / will there be any way to set the following options via the CLI?


I would like to see at least the ability to get the size of a cloud file via the CLI, which could then be used to script filtered (based on size) sync. There is a dev item in the queue somewhere for this, but I can’t offer any details on when it could be delivered.

Getting the size would be excellent, definitely.

Also, I would value the ability to turn on the ‘Save and apply…’ settings from the CLI.

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Has there been any progress or planning on this? The size would be super useful.

Nothing yet @Tenebrous, but this is not forgotten. This is a feature I want too :slight_smile:

Are we there yet :smiley: Seriously though I keep coming across situations where this would be invaluable.

Hi @Tenebrous . Sorry I neglected to update this.

We’ve slowly added a number of features that fit into this feature request.

  1. Represent size for remote files via placeholders
  2. Recursive sync via the CLI
  3. Set auto download threshold via the CLI
  4. Set folder sync rules via the CLI

CLI Commands

That’s perfect. I’d forgotten about this also!

Also not sure when you added it, but I notice explorer is now showing the file size even when not synced, that’s super useful (I use Directory Opus, but same applies).


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