CLI odrive.exe mount command does not fold drive-letter to upper-case

I am using the odrive CLI. I have discovered that the odrive mount command does not fold the drive-letter to upper-case (I am using odrive.exe rather than


– First, notice that things are working properly
E:\odrive-home>odrive status --mounts
E:\odrive-home status:Active

E:\odrive-home>odrive unsync "Amazon Cloud Drive"
E:\odrive-home\Amazon Cloud Drive.cloudf

E:\odrive-home>odrive unmount E:\odrive-home
Successfully removed mount with path: E:\odrive-home

– Now mount using a lower-case drive letter.
E:\odrive-home>odrive mount e:\odrive-home /
e:/odrive-home is now synchronizing with odrive.

– Notice that the drive letter case is preserved by odrive, rather than being folded
E:\odrive-home>odrive status --mounts
e:\odrive-home status:Active

– Notice that commands which previously worked now fail.
E:\odrive-home>odrive sync "Amazon Cloud Drive.cloudf"
Unable to sync Amazon Cloud Drive.cloudf. This file is not inside an odrive folder.

– Remount with upper-case drive letter, and things work again.
E:\odrive-home>odrive unmount e:\odrive-home
Successfully removed mount with path: e:\odrive-home

E:\odrive-home>odrive mount E:\odrive-home /
E:/odrive-home is now synchronizing with odrive.

E:\odrive-home>odrive sync "Amazon Cloud Drive.cloudf"
E:\odrive-home\Amazon Cloud Drive

– The good news is that otherwise, Windows filenames seem be to correctly matched case-insensitively.
E:\odrive-home>odrive sync e:dropbox.cloudf

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Wow, thanks for providing that level of detail. We’ll note this as a bug to be fixed in a future release of the odrive.exe executable.