Changing folder location and impact on syncing

Hi all

I am using odrive to sync all my photos to Amazon Drive. The photos form the library to Lightroom and, given a slow internet connection, took weeks to upload. I’d like to move them all to an external drive.

My concern is that if I move them, even if i maintain the file structure on the new drive, I will have to sync all of them again.

thoughts would be appreciated.


Hi @harris101,
The below method should work to do this, using the “sync to odrive” Premium feature:

  1. Copy the data you want to move from the odrive folder to the external drive. Make sure the folder names are exactly the same. So if this data is currently in “odrive/Amazon Cloud Drive/LR-Library” (for example) then you will want to copy the structure into a folder named “LR-Library” in your desired location.
  2. Right-click on that destination folder and select “sync to odrive”. When the window pops up to select the remote destination, select the corresponding folder within Amazon Drive. This will create a sync relationship with your local folder and the remote folder. Again, make sure those two folders have the same name.
  3. At this point odrive will now scan both the local and remote contents and determine what needs to be uploaded. Since everything should be the same, it should just start marking things as in sync. Once odrive processes everything you can unsync the original folder that you copied the data out of.

Let me know if you have any questions about the above.