Changing Computers

Hello, I’m using Odrive on my current computer. I have it setup so the Odrive folder is running off an external HDD and it’s syncing with Amazon. I just got a new computer, and am wondering the best way to swap my current Odrive setup to the new one.

Would it be as easy as installing Odrive to my new computer, plugging in the external HDD, selecting “Move odrive folder” and choosing the folder already on my external HDD? Will this work, and will it cause any duplicates to appear anywhere?

Thank you in advance!

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That will work.

On your new computer, install odrive and attach the same external HDD. Then use “move odrive folder” to select the existing odrive folder in the HDD. odrive will sync without creating conflicts.

Another option is to keep everything in ACD and progressively sync only what you need on your new computer (no more external HDD necessary).

If you do decide to plug the HDD into the new computer, don’t swap it back and forth between the old and new computer.

Hope that helps!

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Thank you! I don’t plan on swapping back and forth, once it’s hooked up to my new computer it’s going to stay.

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