Changed cloud, resyncing folder but Invalid error


I left Amazon cloud drive and suscribed to Dropbox Buisness. I had to resync all my folders but as soon as I select a folder that was synced before to Amazon, it won’t sync and says ‘invalid’. If I change the name of the folder it works. I can’t rename all my folders since it will mess up my projects.

I tried unsyncing the folders and syncing those again, same thing. Rebooting, deleting the .odrive file, reinstalling odrive software… same thing.
These are all folders on local drives; on a Windows 7 machine. It seems like it’s a bug , it does’t make sense: why does it work if I rename the folder?

Could you please tell me how i can avoid this problem ? I can’t sync my folders anymore !!

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Hi @jayceeone,
Can you send a diagnostic from the odrive menu after triggering the error so I can take a look?

Hi ,
done ! I currently have 2 folders listed as invalid that don’t sync.


Hi @jayceeone,
Thanks for sending that over. I see that there are two errors.

  1. Your Dropbox account appears to be out of space. If you look at the “not allowed” section in the odrive menu, it should have a long list of files that can’t upload. If you click on one you should see the Dropbox error for that.

  2. There are two “sync to odrive” folders that are having issues, as you said. The error indicates that they are already mounted (or double-mounted), but I have a feeling this is more a problem with the internal configuration for those folders and odrive is confused. I think the easiest way to fix them is to rename the remote folder (even a one character addition or change will work), then rename the local folder the that same name and re-create the “sync to odrive” relationship with the new names. Once done, try clicking on the old, invalid ones listed in the odrive menu under “sync to odrive” and removing them.

Ok thanks, yes my dropbox is full (although they advertise as unlimited space…) but the problem was there before , when I had space left.

Yes I left these two folders but I have about ten of them that I want to keep synced and as I told you I can’t rename them since my projects won’t open properly again, I will loose huge amount of time relinking things. Isn’t there any other solution? I don’t understand where the problem is… Odrive creates a folder properly on my dropbox but then stops and lists the folder as invalid…

thanks for your help

and also there are windows folders (deskop, download … )that I want to sync that obviously I can’t rename !

Hi @jayceeone,
I would expect new folders you create to work, but these existing ones seem to have an problem in their config and, unfortunately, I think the only way to resolve (besides renaming) is a uninstall and reinstall of odrive and then setting up the folders again.

I know you mentioned reinstalling odrive, but was that a repair or an uninstall and reinstall? A full reinstall should clear the cache and start everything fresh again.

I did a full uninstall + reinstall and had CCleaner clean the registry in between. That hasn’t solved my problem . Would you have any other solutions to this?


Hi @jayceeone,
Can we try that again, but we’ll make sure that the cache is removed? It is possible that something was held open during uninstall so that the cache couldn’t full be cleared.

Here is what we want to do:

  1. Close odrive
  2. Uninstall odrive
  3. Go to C:/Users/PLVNET and delete the .odrive folder (this is a hidden folder, so you will need to enable showing hidden files/folders in Explorer if you haven’t already). Uninstall is supposed to remove this folder, so it is possible it was able to correctly remove it this time. This folder contains all of the cached information.
  4. Install odrive

At this point odrive should show you the welcome screen, since it is uninitialized. Once you login you should now have a fresh cache, with no “sync to odrive” folders defined at all. Next, try creating a “sync to odrive” folder for just one of the problem folders. If it produces an error, please send another diagnostic. If it works then continue on to the next, and so on. If you see an error at any point, please send a diagnostic immediately.

Thanks for your help and patience @jayceeone

Ok thanks, I will start by dealing with Dropbox about the lack of space and will do this. I’ll get back to you when it’s done, if it doesn’t solve the issue.

thanks for your help,


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